A downloadable game

A game where all the code takes up less space than a tweet - and you can see it here (written in python):

import random, os
def c():os.system('cls')
def p(s):print(s)
while True:
 s="Score "+str(i)
 if(i!=0):p(s),p("At end add")
 if input()!=n:
  p("Answer was "+n)

Install instructions

Haven't actually tested on other machines, but you should be able to do one of to thing:

  1. Download the zip folder and open the exe file
  2. Copy the code into a textfile, name it whatever.py, and run it with python installed (or just copy the code into your favorite python editor, just make sure it can use the "clear" function. If running on mac or linux, change "cls" with "clear")


tweetGame.zip 5 MB


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Nice job! Good to see some Python programmers participating! :)